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Please complete All fields. Do not abbreviate. The Consultant verifies the following information is accurate and shall become part of this Agreement. Consultant has read and understood the General Terms & Conditions of this agreement below at the bottom of &hereby accepts such Terms & Conditions.

  • This agreement is subject to acceptance by the company and its offices in Gilbert, AZ. Such acceptance is conditioned upon receipt of a jewelry/ accessory product package by Consultant. This is the only Agreement between the parties and does not constitute the Independent Consultant an employee of the Company. Signature below signifies customer has read and agrees to both pages of this agreement.

This agreement made on the date listed on page 1, by and between JR Sanchez, Inc. DBA Sashay Elegant Fashion Accessories(hereinafter referred to as Sashay, an Arizona corporation with its principal place of business located at 1257 N Tucana Ct. Gilbert, AZ 85234 and the Consultant(hereinafter referred to as Consultant) whose signature, name, and address appears on page 1. Sashay is engaged in the sale of jewelry and related accessories(hereinafter referred to as Products ), and the Consultant is an independent contractor and will not be treated as an employee for Federal Tax purposes; the Consultant purchases the products of the Company for resale, thereby establishing the relationship of seller and purchaser between the parties; and; the Company is interested in the sale of the products and the establishment and maintenance of both the good will and image of the Company and the products; and the Consultant is equally concerned in promoting the sale of the products and the goodwill of the product's name,

There fore, the parties mutually agree as follows:

  1. (1) To effectuate and promote sales of Company products by following and promoting the Company's policies, programs, and procedures.
  2. (2) To present Sashay products and all facts concerning a Sashay career in a truthful, sincere, and honest manner and to hold Company harmless from any type of advertising or literature with the Company's prior written permission
  3. (3) To protect my Sashay business and the Company from false, deceptive, or misleading advertising. I agree not to use sales literature and advertising formats supplied by Company without the company's prior written permission.
  4. (4) To reflect the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and responsibility in dealings with customers and fellow Consultants
  5. (5) As an independent contractor, to file all reports required by law and at all times to abide by federal, state, and local law requirements of every nature in conjunction with my Sashay business, hereby assuming sole liability for all Self Employment(Social Security) and income Taxes due on income earned in connection herewith. As an independent contractor, the Consultant is not an employee and will not be treated as such for Federal Tax purposes.
  6. (6) That each order submitted to Company shall be accompanied by cash, check, cashier's check, money order, Visa/Mastercard/Discover/American Express for the amount due
  7. (7) That all orders submitted are subject to acceptance by the Company at is offices in Gilbert, Arizona and to the terms of this Agreement and that all sales are final.
  8. (8) That Consultant has no power or authority to incur debt, obligation, liability, or contract on behalf of the Company
  9. (9) That claims considered only for items damaged in-transit, or for manufacturers defects. It is Consultant's responsibility to promptly and carefully inspect goods upon receipt of goods. No return merchandise accepted without prior Company authorization. No returns considered unless made within seven days after receipt of goods.
  10. (10) I understand that there may be an annual subscription fee which enrolls me for all client mailings for one year. Each Clients mailing may include consultant's name, address, and primary telephone number as furnished to other active Sashay Consultants, selected by the Company in order to assure that these clients will have the opportunity to continue to purchase and enjoy the use of Sashay products
  11. (11) Consultant must be at least 18 years of age
  12. (12) The Consultant agrees not to compete or in any way enter into the jewelry or fashion accessories business or purchase jewelry from any company other than Sashay for a period of one (1) year after being removed from Active Consultant status. The training that the Company provides is valued at over $1500. Therefore, should the Consultant violate this covenant, he/she further agrees to pay Sashay damages amounting to $1500, and any legal costs of both parties.
  13. (13) The Consultant agrees to not offer the products, services, or income opportunity of any other direct selling business to the customers or Consultants of Sashay, during the term of this agreement, and for a period of one (1) year after being removed from Active Consultant status. For as long as this provision and provision 12 above is honored. Consultant is not prohibited from being involved in another direct selling business
  14. (14) The Consultant agrees that it will have a financial interest in only one Sashay Consultant position. By way of example and not by limitation, placing, or paying for, or reimbursing the cost of, orders through a different Consultant position is an example of a violation of this provision. Acting through a corporate entity, or dba, or EIN numbered proprietorship is an example of a violation of this provision. For purposes of enforcing this agreement, actions of one spouse and attributed to the other spouse, even if only one spouse is named on the Consultant agreement.
  1. (1) To manufacture and make available to Consultants quality jewelry/accessories and to provide for Consultants the most liberal discount structure and highest commission opportunity possible, consistent with sound business practice
  2. (2) To allow a discount on items from suggested retail prices at percentages as shown on Consultant Order form
  3. (3) To pay Consultant commissions calculated in accordance with the then Company-published Recruiter Commission Schedule
  4. (4) No geographical or territorial restrictions or limits are imposed on Consultants with respect to sales or recruiting efforts
  5. (5) Company reserves the right to alter, modify, or change product, discount, commission and transportation provisions at any time upon ten (10) days prior written notice to the Consultant
  6. (6) That if does not reserve the right of direction or control with respect to activities of Consultant, other that the right to question results and to terminate the agreement if the Consultant violates any covenant herein


This is the sole and only Agreement between the parties and does not constitute the Consultant an employee of the Company. This agreement is subject to acceptance by Company. Signature on page 1 indicates customer has read and agrees to above terms.


DBA Sashay Elegant Fashion Accessories

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Gilbert, AZ 85234

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