Do I need prior experience in selling?
No previous experience is required to become a consultant. The products literally sell themselves. If you love the product, your enthusiasm will drive your sales and promote your business.
What kind of hours do I need to work the business?
You are your own boss and set your own schedule. Some consultants walk with the business and some run you make the decision based on your schedule. The amount of money you earn and the level of success you achieve is directly related to the amount of time and energy you spend on the business.
What are Sashay’s startup costs?
Sashay has 3 plans to choose from:
1) $99 Option - $99 plus tax including $108 retail value of jewelry, tote bag, 25 catalogs, training manual, and startup supplies
2) $199 Best Value Option - Kit includes $150 Preselected jewelry pack ,15 Sashay catalogs, enrollment in Elite Members Sample Club Program.
3) Option A - $382.06 including $400 retail value of jewelry, tote bag, 100 catalogs, training manual, and startup supplies
4) Option B - $728.86 including $1000 retail value of jewelry, tote bag, 100 catalogs, training manual, and startup supplies
How do I learn what to do in the beginning?
We have many tools available to you! We offer a comprehensive training manual, teleconference calls, online tools, and one-on-one training. Seminars will also provide you with great new tips and techniques from professional speakers, trainers, and from other experienced consultants.
What is Sashay’s compensation plan?
You will earn an immediate 50% profit on your personal sales. Once you begin recruiting, you will earn from 5% up to 18% commission on your recruiting tree(see training manual for specifics). Sashay is also an industry leader in recruiting bonuses.
How do customers receive their products?
Customers will receive instant gratification and receive their products at the party/office event/corporate event.
Do you have an auto ship program and how often is it distributed?
Yes! Elite members sample club program offers consultants a great auto ship every month of new trendy pieces of jewelry and accessories at a discounted price.
Are there territories?
Sashay does not have territories, so that gives each consultant an opportunity to venture into all areas to generate sales and promote their individual businesses